BOSA Dario


Dario lives and works in Santa Catharina, Brazil.

The power of color, rhythm and shapes, Dario Bosa is a poet on canvas. The quality of the composition and balance in his work is striking; moreover it’s the inexhaustible search for beauty that makes his work so remarkable.

Since the age of fifteen Bosa has been painting and sculpting. He is a great admirer of artists like Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and Antoni Tapies who continue to inspire him. Despite this admiration Dario takes up the challenge to search for new techniques and materials. He can work for lengths of time developing the suitable texture and effect.

In the most recent series ‘Free Rusty Spirit’ Bosa uses a broad range of techniques that he poetically transforms to appealing compositions. In these works he uses old documents and stamps, several kinds of sand and acrylic paint to throw the work into relief.

In the series ‘Mystic People’ Bosa creates compositions of dreaming people in mystical surroundings. He mainly uses his palette knife in a straightforward but refined way. Inspired by his travels he integrates several materials into sturdy compositions of people in dynamic environments in the ‘Urban People’ series.

Bosa is versatile artist, eager to express his creativity in different ways. For the past twenty years it has been Bosa’s daily job to develop beautiful and unique pieces of art. His works are to be seen in galleries in Brazil, England, Germany, France and the Netherlands and is part of private as well as business collections throughout the world.

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