FIEVRE Veronique


Veronique föddes år 1963 i Le Mans, Frankrike. Hon har alltid målat, studerat konst och testat alla de tekniker. På

80-talet tog hennes konstnärskap fart. Från att ha testat och studerat varje klassisk teknik och konstart (pastell,

kålteckning,olja,och vattenfärg) blev hennes egen stil spatelmåleri med olja. Hennes tavlor är skapade med färger i

ett kubistiskt mönster, ofta kan man skönja städer som träder fram med hus och fönster vilka speglar Veroniques

fantasivärld. Hennes konst visas i gallerier världen över.



To me, to paint is to converse with colour and material, to put and reput, erase,

scratch in order to catch a glimpse of a place, a landscape, an

belazy, to let me invade, to find emotion.

I would like my painting to be felt like a poem.


To begin with, my painting used to be figurative but, little by little, it has become

more impulsive, spontaneous, oversensitive. I have swapped my brushes for palette

knives, so that my more straightforward movements would mark the canvas with

scrapings, scratches and traces. I like to play with transparencies and material,

letting forgotten colours appear under the superimposed layers.

My abstract pictures, though giving hints of reality, are based upon geometrical

figures. Simplicity of lines stood up to me with peace-bringing landscape. My skies

are smooth, even, but I need to oppose “smoothness with roughness, using material like

a mineral texture. I enjoy translating the feelings I get in the countryside...

walking on the sand, among the heather, seeing gorse shivering in the wind...My

favorite subjects are urban panoramas, houses and buildings put together like childish

blocks sticked in a steep landscape.I paint with knives of different widths, that

allows me to press more or less heavily on the paper or the canvas, to take layers off

or to put some on. I use oil on canvas and acrylic on paper.

Freedom, letting go, surprise, mastering, chance and enchantment...such are the words

of my work.


My inspiration comes from everywhere. Sometimes, as I am walking on the street or in

the country, I am struck by architectural forms or by two well matching colours. I

pick and store images and sensations. I may take photos, to revive my memories.But

more often, I do know where I go, I superimpose colours and forms, in search of

adventure, and soon, details do spring up, and the abstract matter slowly unveils its

mystery. I am carried along, where I did not intend to go. This is a very nice



The more I paint the more I know that the strenght of things, forms and colours lays

on unaffectedness and sincerity. I try to fix in my work the reality of a place, a

moment or an emotion. That’s why I want to show reserve, economy and relevance, like a

funambulist walking on his tightrope. I must refuse superfluity, and ostentation in


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