André Lundquist was born in 1972 in Copenhagen, where he received his initial training with the painter Therese Dragshøj (1909-1998). His graphic studies under the tutelage of Peter Martensen (represented by the “Galerie Danoise” in Paris) have clearly left their mark on his technique and explain his penchant for creating tensions between the characters which he paints and the surface of the canvas on which they are painted.

In 1999, he was the recipient of a scholarship from the Beckett Foundation. As part of the prize he had a residency in Southern Spain at the Valparaiso Fondación. He used that stay to seek new sources of inspiration. From this trip as well as many stays in the South of France, he withhold some feelings and sensations, which he later released and translated into light and colors. For those who decide to enter the world of his paintings, Lundquist promises a great deal of emotions. His figurative painting is sensual and timeless.
Grace, lightness, peace … are other words to describe the painting of André Lundquist. There is in his works a silent poetry that allows the viewer to enter each of them calmly, without fear. This is a real tour de force, because for the most of them, the women portrayed and sketched, which he gives life to on the canvas, are presented and revealed in their intimacy. They are sitting, standing, lying, kneeling … and yet, the painter’s gesture never exudes any kind of voyeurism. These women are like stills who let under their skin pigments, behind the iris of their eyes, break a more complex story … As visual metaphors, they sometimes are the mirror of our own experiences sometimes a door open, behind which the viewer can give free rein to his / her imagination. In each of these women there are a thousand stories, a thousand situations to appropriate for one self or not.

Lundquist mixes oil, ink, charcoal, crayon, and wallpaper. Many overlays which give all its originality to his body of work. These palimpsests sometimes born out of a subtle pastel color palette sometimes full of vivid, bright colors, are the creations of fine colorist whose lineage goes back to the late nineteenth / early twentieth century. His fascination for artists such as Gauguin, Schiele, Modigliani, Munch and Willumsen or Helene Schjerfbeck is undeniable, but his art is constantly changing. Today, some of his contemporaries inspire him as well. H. Craig Hanna and Cathrine Raben Davidsen among others.
Besides / along with Evvivanoé Esposizioni d’Arte, André Lundquist is represented by several galleries. In Copenhagen (Galleri Knud Grothe, , Galleri LABR) and Aarhus (Galleri V58) for the danish ones but also in the Netherlands (European Art Makers Gallery) in France (Galerie d’Art Brigitte Capy). He is also present in several private collections in Paris, New York, Salamanca, Barcelona, London and Geneva


Jeg hedder André Lundquist og er født i København i 1972. Jeg arbejder som billedkunstner og har udstillet siden 1996.


Galleri Labr, solo ( Roskilde )

Gallerie Brigitte Capy ( Frankrig )

Galleri V58, Udstillingen " Mellem linjer " og " På lyserødt papir " i samarbejde med Gerd Laugesen ( Århus )

Galleri V58, fællesudstillingen RE-manticks ( Århus )

White Wall ( København )

Galleri Susanne Risom ( Hornbæk )


Grand Palais, fællesudstilling ( Paris )

Galleri European Makers ( Amsterdam )

Gallerie Brigitte Capy ( Frankrig, nye værker )

Galleriet i Hornbæk ( Hornbæk, Susanne Risom )

Galleri V58 ( Århus )

Galleri Labr ( Roskilde )

Galleri Gykkenheim ( Kerteminde )

Gallery NAW ( New York )

Galleria Evvivanoé ( Italien )


Galleri Labr, Roskilde ( April )

Galleri Varming, Valby ( Februar )

Hornbæk Galleriet ( Hornbæk. Susanne Risom )

Copenhagen Art Fair,Forum, Frederiksberg

Gallerie Brigitte Capy ( Frankrig )

Galleri Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund – separat udstilling ( Januar)


Galleri V58, Århus – Vinterudstilling

Art Århus ( Dgs -messe ), Århus

Galleri Artcompaz, Frederiksberg -Fælles udstilling med Tomas Lagermann

Lundme og Jan Petersen

Galleri V58, Århus – Påskeudstilling

Copenhagen Art Fair,Forum, Frederiksberg

Galleri Kirk, Ålborg – ” Det nøgne menneske “


Galleri V58, Århus – ” Dialog ” – separat udstilling

Hillerød Kunstdage, Hillerød

Copenhagen Art Fair, Frederiksberg


Galleri Artcompaz, Frederiksberg – ” Det nøgne menneske ” - separat udstilling

Galleri Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund

Copenhagen Art Fair, Frederiksberg


Kunst i Påsken, Frederiksberg - Bryggerites Hus

Galleri Artcompaz, Frederiksberg - separat udstilling

Galleri V58, Århus

Galleri Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund


Carlsberg Kunstmuseum, København

Brøndsalen, Frederiksberg

Galleri Hesselholt, Skagen - separat udstilling

Kulturloftet, Stevns Galleri


Kunst for alle, Århus - Kunstmesse i Ridehuset

Galleri Nybro, København – Fællesudstilling med Simon Thrane

Art For Future, Sandved

Galleri Marta, Frederikshavn


Kunst for alle, Århus – Kunstmesse i Ridehuset

Galleri Nybro, København - separat udstilling

Kunstbygningen SAK, Svendborg – ” De 7 dødssynder “

Vk – Udstillingen, Knapstrup – Knapstrup Kulturfabrik

Galleri Marta, Frederikshavn

Brøndsalen, Frederiksberg


Kunst for alle, Århus – Kunstmesse i Ridehuset

Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Langvad, Thy

Cristol Art Gallery, Salamanca, Art Fair ( Spanien )

Galleri Nybro, København - separat udstilling

Galleri Marta, Frederikshavn - separat udstilling


Kunst for alle, Århus – Kunstmesse i Ridehuset

Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Langvad, Thy

Cristol Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spanien

Galleri Nybro, København - separat udstilling

Birkerød Kunstforening, Birkerød


Galleri Nybro, københavn

Udlejre Kirke, Udlejre, Roskilde

Billedtårnet, Hundested

Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Langvad, Thy

20 / 20 Visions, København

20 / 20 Visions, Malmö, Sverige

VK – Udstillingen, Lerchenborg, Kalundborg


Galleri Blå, Roskilde - separat udstilling

Galleri Aphrodite, Asmindrup - separat udstilling

Vk – Udstillingen, knapstrup

Frederiks Bastion, Holmen, København

Galleri Nybro, København - separat udstilling


Cobra – Rummet, v/Sophienholm - separat udstilling

Galleri Under Ytan, Malmö, Sverige - separat udstilling


Galleri Marius, København - separat udstilling

Galleri Vrontos, København - separat udstilling

Charlottenborgs Efterårsudstilling, København, ” Loppemarked“


VK – Udstillingen, Lerchenborg


VK – Udstillingen, Knapstrup Kulturfabrik

Galleri Velling, Hellerup - separat udstilling

Kunstkorridoren Nådada, København - separat udstilling

Vesterbro Kunsthal, København - separat udstilling


Galleri Riga, Næstved

Galleri Velling, Hellerup - separat udstilling

Udsmykninger :

Fødevarestyrelsen, Søborg

Toftevangsskolen, Birkerød

Rådhuset, Birkerød

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